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Rug cleaning Method

You probably care more about results than methods. The cleaning product being used can greatly influence the method and results. The product we developed and patented could be used with any method. We have developed our own unique method because the conventional method subjects rugs to far more moisture than is necessary with our product.

Low moisture is preferable because rugs are made of wool; water can cause shrinkage, dye transfer, and mildew. When a large quantity of water is used it is less for the benefit of the rug and more for the use of detergent which requires plenty of water. The conventional method of rug cleaning involves submerging rugs in detergent and water, than scrubbing them with a brush. Followed by rinsing and drying.

Our method consists of:

High frequency vibration: Rugs are rolled out on a large machine which provides high frequency vibration to shake out any dust or dirt.

Vacuum: we use a janitorial strength vacuum after the shaking just for good measure.

Spray: we spray our cleaning product onto the rug in a very fine mist taking care to spray a little more on spots and stains. The total amount sprayed on the average rug is only about 8 ounces or less. Not enough to make it wet just enough to clean out dirt and stains.

Buff: Using a bonnet (a thick flat round mop pad) set under a buffer. This provides agitation and absorption wiping each fiber from the base to the top from every side. Our bonnets are far less abrasive than the brushes used in the conventional method.

The end result is a clean rug, free of dust, dirt, and spots. The colors in the rug will be brighter and more vivid because unlike detergent our product can't leave a residue that dampens colors. Your rug will also feel softer, smell better, and stay clean longer with out detergent residue.

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